Compatibility error (Mac OS Big Sur) (Process quit with exit code 1)

I have a problem with the compatibility of MATLAB and Dynare.
When I open mmb-electron and run the compatibility check in the settings, I always get the error message shown in the picture.

Operating system: MacOS Big Sur (11.3.1)
MATLAB: 2021a
Dynare: 4.6.4

I have tried several versions of MATLAB (2020a, 2020b and 2021a), as well as Dynare (4.6.3, 4.6.4 and 4.7 (unstable)).

I always got the same error message.

I would be very glad to get some help.

Still unresolved in 2022.

Operating system: MacOS Big Sur (11.6.5)
MATLAB: 2022a
Dynare: 5.0


We are trying to identify and fix the problem. We will then update the mmb software.