Issues with replicating models with steadystate files

Dear MMDB team,

I am trying to replicate some of the models in your database. I noticed that generally I can not replicate the models with an external steady state file, in all the cases the same error messages appear:

Error using xxx_steadystate
Too many input arguments.
Error in evaluate_steady_state_file (line xx)
[ys,params1,check] = h_steadystate(ys_init, exo_ss,M,options);
Error in evaluate_steady_state (line xx)
[ys,params,info] = evaluate_steady_state_file(ys_init,exo_ss,M, options,steadystate_check_flag);
Error in steady_ (line xx)
[steady_state,params,info] = evaluate_steady_state(oo_.steady_state,M_,options_,oo_,~options_.steadystate.nocheck);
Error in steady (line xx)
[oo_.steady_state,M_.params,info] = steady_(M_,options_,oo_);
I assume the issue is that the model cods can not read the steadystate file. I am using

As I am going back to these models after 4 years, I assume there has been changes in the syntax for these files. I am currently using Dynare 5.1 version.

I would appreciate if you could give me an advice.

Many thanks in advance and best regards

Hi there

It was becasue that dynare 5.1 was not supported at that time, due to a change in steadystate file structure. The installer is updated. You should now be able to run the models with dynare 5.1