Missing policy_param.mat file

Hello MMDB team,

I am trying to run the original NK_RA16.mod file in Matlab. In line 102 of the mod file, it calls the file “policy_param.mat”, which is not included in the library of the MMDB. Can you please share the “policy_param.mat” file?

Thank you

P.S. 1: I just typed in the Matlab command window:
dynare NK_ST13.mod

P.S. 2: This was reported here and here.

Hi there

I believe that the file you have used is not the original file, but rather the MMB adjusted file. It needs to be executed with the mmb-electron application, where policy parameters should be loaded.

Alternatively, you can download the code that can run independently from the following link: Online Comparison Platform – Macroeconomic Model Data Base, under the “Replication Package” section. There, you will find mod files that can be run independently without the need for the “policy_param.mat” file.

Hope it helps!